Please please please don’t expand the tiers. The one thing that makes me shy away from this game and makes me reluctant to spend more money is over tiered opponents. I understand the difficulty of trying to accelerate queue times. But balance is king. Compromising good matchups in order to speed queue times will empty your queues, exacerbating the problem. When I started this game you could play tier 1 only games, biplane fights. This no longer exists, why? It was one of the best aspects of your game. Overtiering tanks is a huge mistake, a 1.

Update 1.91 “Night Vision”

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It´s getting worser and worser with any further Patch. Time to play other games and not to bevome headache from BR and Matchmaker.

Destiny 2 update 2. Shadowkeep and Season of the Undying have arrived, and they come with major adjustments. Check out all the buffs and nerfs below courtesy of a Bungie blog post. Goal: To provide players with useful and legible feedback for damage dealt to enemy combatants across many years of Power progression. Goals: Widen the sweet spot where fighting higher-level combatants provides a fun, challenging, and rewarding combat experience for a more enjoyable Power climb.

Also, allow players looking for even greater challenges to confront much higher-level enemies. Provision : Killing tethered enemies creates super orbs and increases agility, armor, and recovery for allies. Moebius Quiver : Fire super multiple times and deals massive damage to tethered targets. Flawless Execution: Headshot kills while crouched grant invisibility and truesight.

Shattering Strike: After performing a Flawless Execution, your melee attacks have a longer lunge range and weaken enemies. Select armor sets now function as Universal Ornaments. Once unlocked, these ornaments can be used to change the appearance of any Legendary Armor 2. Note armor items that correspond to converted Universal Ornaments have not been removed from player inventories; already owned armor items still exist in their current state. As all good Guardians know, the big feature for update 2.

KV-1 (ZiS-5)

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What is the exact problem? Did you submit Bug Report? I send in a bugreport regarding the 57 around days ago but it didn’t get approved so far so you should have at least one bug report about this in reserve :P. I am very suprised this ultimate CRAP version made it to the live server. Dont Gaijin have testers? Hordes of Bs flying on every map, because their natural predators are moved to different battle tier. If they have any.

Stall spin when loosing one engine was reported since 1. Now since 1.


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Great WT Another chance to do right by the Brits But as stated earlier you failed to make the Brit tree on par with all the other nations. As a paying customer I have only one option left I wont fall into the trap of a brit prem I have bug with GF. It lags so bad, that i can’t try to fight with them. And that doesn’t mean that i would do it if not lag but my friend wants to try it so Good lord.

Shermans are incredibly overpowered. They can penetrate almost everything they face, fire faster than almost anything they face, are nearly impenetrable frontally by anything they face, and not only can they take on a KV-1 easily, they also have two spawns. Its ridiculous, Sim Battles with tanks end in under 5 minutes now thanks to unstoppable russian sportscars rushing around. Tactical gameplay is absolute impossible.

War thunder stupid matchmaking

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But even if some FMs are broken, still the worst issue is matchmaking. You avoid answering questions about BR. What is the logic behind these.

Update “Starfighters” changelog was introduced on 26 May This update is notable for the introduction of the Italian naval tree, release of the F Starfighter into numerous trees including as the first Italian supersonic aircraft , as well as being the first update to move away from the previous numbered naming system for major patches.

It’s about time to join your favorite squadron or create your own. Earn squadron activity and research the squadron vehicles. There are already favorites in the current ‘squadron battles’ season, but cheer up XBOX players – this is a good opportunity to learn a new gaming mode and master your strategy and tactics. Special awards for squadron battle ratings will be available for you in the upcoming season beginning on July the 1st. BMP-2M – This squadron vehicle is now available for squadron activity research.

Update 1.43

We as a community are a funny bunch: how can we know what’s the best method to rate battle effectiveness and thus mix planes in a battle? Hell, even the specialist in real military aviation today don’t know how to do it and everybody goes completely librarian poo when tasked to compare aircraft. As an example: ask 3 military pilots what the best fighter today is, and you will get at least 3 different answers. Ask 3 politicians and you will again at least get 3 different answers, for different reasons.

Play for free with friends in the most realistic online game.

Then i would request you to free us from your questionable prsenz as well and not spam the forums. Thanks in advance. Greetz Sun. Not a problem and as someone posting 4 times on one page and saying nothing of use too, you may want to take your own suggestion. It is not too early to OBT? I mean, it’s still full of bugs, the server is not working properly, the game will join once in four attempts and what you did with the ME is a shame, if you want a comet against Sabre, so at least do it properly same goes for If there were any suggestions that is I only see shittalk and insults towards the patch and gaijin.

If i were them i would ignore you guys since i generally dont put any value into stuff said along with shittalk and insults And if you ask me.

War Thunder

No thanks. Ki is already arguable whether it ever flew or not. Prototypes is one thing, paper planes that some engineers drew on a napkin is a completely different story. Not having napkin planes is what separates this game from competition. Even Horton is pushing it, and I’d say it’s as far as they go.

“[Conquest] Fulda” — The size of the battle zone has been fixed in the mission has been added that, when disabled, will limit matchmaking to PlayStation®4.

We’ve been up in arms for quite some time about aircraft RP gain, and one of the refreshing things about ground forces was that it progressed relatively quickly; as the game started to get stale and repetitive, we would get a new tank to keep us going. So why reduce the RP? If anything, it would have been better to raise RP gains for aircraft to match tanks, rather than lower the tanks to match the aircraft. Also, since you guys are looking into Battle Ratings, I think you should take a look at straight wing vs swept wing jets.

I would like to see the BR’s for both reduced across the board arcade, realistic, and simulator. The two aircraft are pretty well matched, at least according to the specs. At the same time, the Mig not bis has a realistic BR of 8. Please consider this; this is just one series of jets, and I hear the meteors need a little work as well; we straight wingers are currently having to fight way out of our league. From what I can tell, the majority of us are getting clubbed to death out there.

Reduced the amount of RP rewarded for tank battles to better match the air vehicles progression speed;. Yes I have too and I can assure you I would never permit any Customer to insult me whilst Im trying to help. But this has nothing to do with customer service, if I said, “yes your all right, nothing I can do” would that wash?

War Thunder Rolls Out Ground Forces Open Beta

The most recent patch has made it impossible to queue up for Squadron Battles or get into any Squadron Battle games. When queuing in, players cannot see the names of other Squadrons that are in queue; instead, a string of random numbers and letters appear. Our Squadron was trying to coordinate a match with LED despite these issues, and both of our squadrons queued into the same server. However, when both squadrons finally had 8 players in queue and a match was about to start, every player that was queued up suddenly received a fatal error and had to restart War Thunder.

The battle ratings for ground forces are displayed as the old values (see screen New BRs: ?/topic/discussion-​about-coming-ground-vehicles-matchmaking-system-changes/.

Too bad that they still don’t realize that they screwed up every single fighter FM in the game in 1. Because you know, Every plane torques to the right, even when no one but Russian planes actually did that. Umm this was already an option before in previous patches, they just changed the UI so its easier to access. Why force fancy terrain graphic on Carpa-something map? Pls get ridd of that crap, tnx For example: please note that I know this is a Beta where problems are to be expected, but these have just been around for too long The connection issues are still present, there are still heavy amounts of lag, the tanks seem to always get their turrets destroyed regardless of where the tank is actually hit, sound effects and tank shell effect when firing is inconsistent, the Russian tanks in general seem to completely dominate lower tiers, matchmaking is These are just some problems I have noticed in the few games I have played in ground forces after the update, that were present before-hand.

Please fix them for real, don’t just tell us you do when it really hasn’t been done. Thank you.

War Thunder Ground Forces – Matchmaking Fail